Ready Communities

Ready Communities

Growing Regional Communities

Ready Communities is a national place-based program designed to build strengths in regional Australian communities.

The Ready Communities program is a catalyst for positive community change. It delivers 24 months of consultation, activations and capability development delivered as a 10-month lead in, a national conference in place and then 12 months further capability development.

Ready Communities was founded by Kerry Grace and Dr. Chad Renando in 2023. Both founding partners have broad experience in regional community and economic development serving in a range of roles across business development, leadership, industry, academia, education and community engagement.

About Ready Communities

While governments strive for place-based approaches to solve endemic problems and realise opportunities, communities rarely have capacity to deliver the principles of a place-based approach. Ready Communities is a catalyst for people to experience place-based community change. It enables change in community and supports the community with further place-based activities.

  1. Region selection
  2. Initial engagement
  3. Mapping
  4. Community Conversations
  5. Action planning
  6. Capability and capacity development
  7. Activation
  8. Conference (Social Impact in the Regions)
  9. Legacy program
For further information on the Ready Communities stages, and community relevant information please contact Kerry or Chad directly.

Each 10-month project culminates in the delivery of the national Social Impact in the Regions conference showcasing the local community and the preceding and upcoming Ready Communities regions.

Each Ready Communities project includes a 12-month legacy program with outcomes around clarity and understanding; connection and connectivity; capacity and capability; collaboration for purpose; and advocacy and promotion. The program is designed for economic, social, individual, institutional, and environmental impact.

To learn more about the Ready Communities program download our prospectus and information package.

The first Ready Communities Region will be the Macleay Valley, NSW in 2024.

How does it work?

A four-month selection process to identify communities based on impact opportunity and local capability and capacity

Engage initial stakeholders, identify a local champion and commence the ‘train the trainer’ model, develop initial focus areas and opportunities, and co-create the engagement strategy

Map past and current organisations, initiatives, policies, funding streams, and media through a digital platform to effectively identify overlap, gaps, and opportunities.

Engage community across sectors, community functions and institutions, and impact areas to identify shared strengths, challenges, and opportunities. Develop and facilitate clusters around established and emerging focus areas.

Co-create the capability building and activation approach including overall local community development needs, shared state and national challenges, and for each nominated focus area cluster. The action planning phase also includes the development of an operational and evaluation framework including a model of change, measurement dashboard and measurement framework.

Build capability and capacity, develop proposals, attract local, national, and global support.

A three-day conference as the culmination, commencement, and showcase of the prior activities and initiation and commitment for future legacy efforts by both the local community and leaders and agencies outside the region.

Initiation of a 12-month program and connection with conference stakeholders and past and future Ready Communities communities.

What will Ready Communities leave in the host community?

Clarity & understanding
Connection & connectivity
Collaboration for purpose
and capability
Advocacy and promotion
To find out more about Ready Communities, please don't hesitate to contact us

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