Sam Alderton-Johnson

Sam Alderton-Johnson

Impact Policy

Sam is a proud Blackfulla who grew up in Glebe, Sydney (Gadidal Country).  Sam is the Managing Director at Impact Policy which provides engagement, communication and research and evaluation services.

Sam shares his lived experience around childhood trauma, social disadvantage, homelessness, out of home care and impacts of forced child removal policies. These perspectives were also shaped through academic education and professional experience leading high profile and sensitive state wide projects for NSW Government.

Sam graduated from UNSW with honours in Social Science, majoring in Criminology and completed Masters of Teaching studies.

Sam is a father of five who lives his values outside Impact Policy through Spark Impact, a scholarship program of a collection of Aboriginal owned businesses reinvesting funding and resources into the provision of youth scholarships for Aboriginal young people from Sydney.

Sam is particularly passionate about co-design with communities and stakeholders when the core principles are present to inform the planning, design and delivery of services, policy and projects.

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