Rebel Black

Rebel Black

Rebel Black is driven by a profound mission: to thrive, heal, and evolve and inspire others to do the same. With her background as a human agronomist and a pioneering syntrophic entrepreneur, she has made a significant impact in the world.

The foundation of her work lies in THE RW Collection, a socially conscious company she founded. Operating from her office in the opal fields of Lightning Ridge, Outback NSW, Rebel focuses on incubating enterprises that activate and prioritise community wealth building and empowering legacy.

Rebel spearheaded a ground breaking "community exit" when her company was acquired by THE Rural Woman Cooperative—an extraordinary endeavour devoted to uplifting rural women and girls. As a true trailblazer, Rebel's exceptional contributions to the advancement of rural women, small business and the integration of technology in enterprises have earned her esteemed recognition through multiple national and global awards.

Rebel Black is an unstoppable force, blazing a trail of empowerment, opportunity, and inclusive growth. Her unwavering commitment to thriving communities and her dedication to the evolution of individuals and societies make her a captivating speaker who inspires and transforms lives.

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