Maura Luxford

Maura Luxford

Social entrepreneur

Five years, five states, one hundred and fifty schools, and raising $150,000 advocating for health literacy about the most prevalent cancer in young Australians, was the life work of ex-drover, educator, mother of three and social entrepreneur Maura Luxford.

Fired by the death of her eldest daughter Hannah she  brought to life Hannah’s two dreams - ‘telling all her friends to look after their skin and doing something to raise money for research into adolescent melanoma’ - changed the course of Maura's life.

Creating a social enterprise called ride4acure, Maura trekked the breadth of our nation. Traversing Australia on horses and a pushbike to some of our most rural and remote areas to speak to young people in their communities.

Knowing when to ‘hang up her spurs’ was as critical an aspect of creating a social enterprise, as knowing how to build one.  What were the measurements of success in a social enterprise of this nature and how did she know when to stop?

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