Cherie Topfer

Cherie Topfer

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Cherie Topfer  |  Pitch Tutorial Presenter

Cherie Topfer, the visionary Founding Director of YEP Careers Pty Ltd, is an advocate for unlocking communities' entrepreneurial potential. Collaborating with governments, businesses, and local organizations, she ignites the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals. With a history of strategic roles across HR, Education, and Real Estate, Cherie brings over 30 years of expertise to her mission.

Cherie's brainchild, YEP Careers, offers tailored training programs that foster entrepreneurship at all levels. Collaborations with NSW and Australian Federal Governments, along with entities like Serco and local chambers of commerce, highlight her impact. Her knack for simplifying complexity, problem-solving, and inspiring growth has led to these training programs benefiting diverse professionals.

Cherie envisions a future where youth employment thrives through innovation. Her past success in establishing a HR consultancy, coupled with her leadership nominations, showcases her prowess. With a legacy of serving in non-profit boards and peak organizations, she remains dedicated to driving social and economic progress. Cherie Topfer is a true changemaker, driving empowerment, entrepreneurship, and lasting success.

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