Anna Robertson

Anna Robertson

Engagement Manager at Sefa

Anna has been on the social enterprise frontline for over 10 years, both as a founder and a leader.

Inspired by the transformative impact of economically empowered women, Anna founded Yevu in 2012. Yevu is a for-profit social enterprise, manufacturing and selling its clothes online to a global customer base, whilst economically empowering women in Ghana’s informal sector through fair and sustainable employment opportunities.

Anna has also worked as the Head of Innovation Labs at Affinity Africa, which delivered a patentable prototype for Ghana's first digital retail bank, and as a Policy Advisor Deputy Lord Mayor at the City of Sydney. Anna now shares her insights and learnings with other founders and their teams as Engagement Manager at Social Enterprise Finance Australia. Dedicated to creating sustainable change for people who are marginalised because of structural inequalities, Anna brings a practitioner’s lens to the Sefa team, supporting social enterprises with strategic and operational direction. 

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