Phil Haines

Phil Haines

Voices for Indi

Phil was a founding member in 2012 of the community group known as 'Voices for Indi'. Ordinary people from different walks of life came together around a shared and passionate desire to see the standard of political representation raised above and beyond the diminished party system offerings. He has been the campaign manager for each of the four successful community independent campaigns in Indi in northeast Victoria, beginning with Cathy McGowan in 2013.

Helen Haines became the first independent to succeed an independent in 2019 after Cathy retired and was returned with an increased margin in 2022. Phil was the driving force and multiple chapter author of the recent book, 'The Indi Way.'  He is now a committed political activist and along with many others from Indi, a proud champion of what has become a major political and social movement in Australia.

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