Meaghan Burkett

Meaghan Burkett

Executive Director, Ethical Fields

Meaghan is passionate and dedicated to enabling local places and communities to take hold of their economic agency and thrive. She is an Executive Director for Ethical Fields and a recognised leader in Community Wealth Building, Place Based Capital and Natural Capital in Australia.

Her current focus is to unlock the capital model and system needed for enabling local economic resilience, inclusion and prosperity. She holds a substantial track record in designing and leading innovative and transformative initiatives to achieve this including the Place Based Capital Initiative and Natural Capital and Environmental Markets Leadership Program. She recently completed a twelve-month National Community Wealth Building Tour where she visited over thirty communities across Australia to learn and share about community wealth building solutions.

In her twenty-year career, she has served in many leadership and advisory roles, driving strategy, innovation and delivery in Australia’s public and private sectors including as Chair of Ethical Fields Board of Directors, Chair of the Better Regulation Committee for the Australasian Environmental Law Enforcement and Regulators Network, and as Board Member for the New Economy Network Australia.

Internationally she has contributed to major impact initiatives including: The May Day Network on Climate Change which inspired thousands of UK organisations to commit to action on climate change; the Prince’s Responsible Business Network the UK’s largest and most influential responsible business network and CSR Europe’s MarketPlace which gathers sustainability leaders from across Europe and the world to advance corporate social responsibility practices across all sectors.

Her focus has always been on improving justice, equity, regeneration and collective prosperity. In pursuit of these values, she has worked across the public, non-government and private sectors in a range of areas including policy, strategy, regulation, community development, local economic development, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and climate change. She hold a Masters of Government Law and Regulation, Post-Graduate Diploma in Environment and a Bachelor of Commerce.

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